The excellent qualities of Elovena products are based on nutritionally diverse whole grain oats. Whole grain oats contain all the nutrient-rich components of the grain. Oat contains a suitable balance of multiple different nutrients: carbohydrates, fibre, protein, fat, minerals and B vitamins.

In addition to the beneficial properties of whole grain oats and fibre, we want Elovena products to be an overall great choice. That’s why we pay special attention to the quality of the fat in our products as well as their sugar and salt content.


The majority of Elovena products carry the national Heart Symbol. This symbol tells consumers that the product in question is a better choice in terms of health. The right to use the Heart Symbol is granted to products that contain good quality fat and minimal salt. In certain product groups, the criteria for the Heart Symbol also require a higher fibre content and less sugar.

The Heart Symbol was developed to make everyday choices easier; instead of having to read through product specifications and nutrient contents, consumers can simply select products that carry the Heart Symbol. By favouring Heart Symbol products, you can easily shift your diet towards a healthier direction – without sacrificing flavour. For more information, go to www.sydanmerkki.fi

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