We source the Finnish oats used in Elovena products directly from farmers. We’ve been working in close co-operation with farmers for more than 80 years and many of the farms have been working together with us as contract farmers for multiple generations. Our contract farmers primarily cultivate Elovena oats in the southern region of Finland, whereby the distance to our mill is, on average, less than 100 kilometres.

The cultivation of high quality oats calls for professional competence and expertise, both of which our Finnish contract farmers have gained through decades of farming experience. Our Elovena products are made from only oat batches that meet our strict quality criteria and we are able to trace our oats back to the specific farms that grew them.

A total of 98 per cent of all Elovena products are produced in Finland. The only Elovena products produced outside of Finland are Elovena cereal, manufactured in Germany, and Elovena Gluten-free snack biscuits, manufactured in Great Britain. The oat flakes used in the majority of the Elovena products are produced in our oat mill in Nokia, Finland.

Our products contain only RSPO-certified sustainable palm oil. Palm oil is used in some Elovena biscuits, but our goal is to reduce the number of products containing palm oil. Currently, our range of products already includes five Elovena snack biscuit options in which palm oil has been replaced with rapeseed oil.

We use UTZ-certified cocoa for Elovena’s instant porridge options and snack biscuits. By using UTZ-certified cocoa, we show our support for responsibly farmed cocoa.

All raw materials used in Elovena products are GMO free.

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